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Flawless Foundation

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

This morning on clubhouse I was asked, "Why is it hard to get foundation matched?" The answer is... Well there are a few answers.

It could be lighting.

It could be the wrong formula for your needs.

It could be bad application.

Are a couple other reasons but these are the most common.

My recommendation as you know will always be get help from a pro. So I've created a solution for women that are on the go or just don't want to go to a make up counter.

Book our Find Your Foundation Experience.

You'll get:

  • Face-to-face time with me via Zoom

  • My custom makeup matching kit shipped directly to you.

  • And any follow up time needed to make sure you to your perfect match.

I'm excited about this. Cause I know it will eliminate you going thru the hassles that comes with trying to do this alone.

See ya next go round.... Dena

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