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It's Prime Day!

Amazon Prime Day starts now and it's a really good time to stock up on what you need to look your best live or on video!

Your set-up plays a big part in your confidence and your ability to communicate with impact. Looking your best on video could mean the difference in getting the job or not getting the job, landing the client or not landing the client, selling the product or not selling the product. Why? Because people DO judge how we show up.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Webcam: A good webcam is essential for looking your best on video calls. The webcam in your laptop is probably not good enough! Look for a webcam with a high resolution and wide-angle lens. This one has a mic built-in so you don't have to buy a separate device.

Lighting: I love a compact light! It's even better to get two.

Tripod: Tripods are life! Wherter its holding your cell phone or a professional camera period you need a device safe and upright. No more awkward angles. Just you looking amazing on camera.

With Amazon Prime Day, you can save big on these products and look your best for all your video & content creation. Happy shopping Beauty Bestie!

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