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Most beauty brands...

Cater their makeup products to the last thing a Kardashian wore in a selfie.

This is how they determine "What's hot." 

Following trends is not our thing…and quite frankly, never will be.

What's hot to us...                                                                                                         you feeling kissable sexy before your impromptu date. 

You feeling shamelessly confident, when you meet someone for the first time.

You show up at a company event, captivatingly dolled up, as if invited to the president's black-tie gala. 

Having friends curiously ask YOU, where you got your cherry lipstick from...


Flawless makeup is unique to the individual.

No stumbling around and clumsily trying to figure it out.

We don't "one-size-fits all" around here.


The beauty you require is our desire.

Glam your how it should, always be done.

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